Services and Prices

Globe Creative is proud to stock L'Oréal, Redkin, ghd, evo and bhave.
Please be advised that prices of services are subject to consultation.


Payment options

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Cuts & Styling

Women’s from $60
Men’s from $51
Fringe Trim $15.75
Child Cut (0-13 years) $42
Clipper Cut Men from $17
Dry Off from $26.25

Blow-Wave Extra Long from $66.15
Blow-Wave Long from $54
Blow-Wave Medium from $45.50
Blow-Wave Short from $33

Iron Wave from $31.50
Tonging from $47.25

Hair-Up Flower Girl from $57.75
Hair-Up Formal from $115.50
Hair-Up Wedding from $120.75


Demi Colour Medium from $73.50
Power Mix from $23.10
Intense Treatment from $45
Smart Bond Treatment from $40
Colour Additive from $20

Colour Technical Services

All colour service prices may vary depending on length and thickness of hair. We recommend a consultation with our stylists for a personalized quote.

Full Head Foils from $150
Three Quarter Head Foils $125
Half Head Foils from $100
Quarter Head Foils from $75

Perm Colour Extra Long from $122
Perm Colour Long from $106.50
Perm Colour Medium from $82.50
Perm Colour Short from $59

Toners Long from $47.50
Toners Medium from $39.50
Toners Short from $35.50

Foils + Colours Extra Long from $165.50
Foils + Colours Long from $141.75
Foils + Colours Medium from $126
Foils + Colours Short from $110.25

Demi Colour Extra Long from $120.50
Demi Colour Long from $87.50
Demi Colour Medium from $73.50
Demi Colour Short from $120.50

Scalp Lightening Long from $147.50
Scalp Lightening Medium  from $139.50
Scalp Lightening Short from $124.95

Perming & Straightening

Perm Long from $124.95
Perm Medium from $110.25
Perm Short from 95.55
Spiral Perm from $147
Extenso Extra Long from $165.90
Extenso Long from $150.15
Extenso Medium from $135
Extenso Short from $118.65
Extenso Men from $70.56

Permanent Straightening from $170 per hour
Bhave Straightening from $170 per hour

Makeup & Beauty

Makeup Eyes Only $57.75
Lashes Only $31.50
Full Face $120.75

Eye Brow Wax $26.25
Lip Wax $21.00
Eye Lash Tint $15.75
Eye Brow Tint $21.00